Benefits of Using the Whizzinator

The whizzinator is a device with a wide range of applications; however, it is most commonly used to beat urine tests. There are many different people who for one reason or another may require the assistance to pass urine tests, an example is sportspersons and athletes that need urine that can pass tests. To ensure it looks authentic and produce the First Aid Synthetic Urine correctly, it most frequently resembles the genital organ and it produces the synthetic urine when you pinch a valve that is touch-sensitive. These are some of the advantages the whizzinator provides when used for urine tests.

First, the whizzinator has a number of features that make it very authentic and inconspicuous. You might be able to carry it around and no one will be able to tell that you are carrying a whizzinator. One of these features is the waistband. You can use the waistband to secure the device on your waist and position it on your thigh and by doing so hide it perfectly. The second feature is the extremely quiet flow of urine it has. This ensures that no one will be able to hear you use it thus making it more discreet. The model meant for females also has special features that enable you to position it so it doesn't protrude hence discreet. It also features a synthetic strap that can be used to secure it on the bra in case it is not being used.

Another advantage of the whizzinator is how easy it is to use. You can find instructions on how it is used in the user's manual included in the package. If you are extremely careful you will not run into any problems when using the whizzinator and you do not need someone else to help you operate it when you want to use it, therefore, adding on its authenticity. 

The whizzinator also has four heating pads that can keep the urine warm for up to eight hours hence when used; it will be like you just urinated since urine from the body is normally warm. The device has a bag and a syringe you can use put synthetic urine in after you have prepared it. It also comes with the ingredients necessary to make the synthetic urine and is highly efficient in every use. Lastly, the whizzinator is medically approved and therefore safe to be used by anyone and it is not uncomfortable to use.

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